2017 OSSANZ Conference


OSSANZ Conference 2017


2017 OSSANZ Conference was held at the Adelaide Convention and Exhibition Centre, Adelaide, Australia on the 4-6 October 2017.



Obesity Surgery Options - Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding

In this procedure, an adjustable gastric band is placed laparoscopically around the upper stomach to create a small stomach pouch. This small stomach received food first when one eats and gives the feeling of early fullness and satiety with a small amount of food.

The adjustable gastric band is a restrictive saline filled silicone band  placed around the upper stomach. The restriction created by the band around the upper stomach can be adjusted by the volume of saline. Saline is added or withdrawn from the band by the use of a special needle inserted through the skin into the reservoir port. (See diagram)

This reservoir port is usually placed in a subcutaneous pocket on the abdominal wall. In most patients, this reservoir port can be felt through the abdominal skin. This operation does not involve any cutting or removal of the stomach and hence is considered the simplest and safest weight loss operation.

Whilst this operation is considered permanent, the band can be removed ie the operation can be reversed if necessary. Adjustments to the band require a visit to your surgeon.

This can be a problem if you live a long distance from someone trained in these adjustments.

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding - Obesity Surgery Option